Augmented Reality Branding Solutions

In today’s digital world, marketing strategy is greatly influenced by innovation. Traditional marketing techniques are waning. A mobile device is becoming the most important tool, enabling decision- making in a sales process. Following the trend, augmented reality has emerged as way of visually linking the digital world and the real world. It is a fantastic platform by which customers get to experience what a product is about and what it has to offer via virtual reality. The customers are directly engaged in exploring the product and brand. Thus, the relationship between a consumer and a brand is enriched.

AR can be used through mobile devices on the move, PCs at homes or kiosks at stores. But a smart phone is most commonly used for Augmented Reality. The latest trends in AR are interactive formats like games and incentivised interactions. Retailers can showroom their on-shelf products directly on the customer’s device and the customer interact and engage at their own comfort level bypassing a sales person. Once the AR is in use, users can be tracked via activities undertaken and geographical area.

Advantages for retailers and brand owners:

  • Drives Brand Recognition greatly
  • Saves warehouse real estate and inventory cost
  • Increases conversion rates
  • High ROI for advertising campaigns
  • Reduced return of products since customers can virtually try them on
  • Attracts customers to visit physical stores of the particular brand

Advantages for customers:

  • Freedom from long drives and long queues
  • No pressure to purchase from salesmen
  • Experience the Product with 3D preview before deciding to purchase
  • Get additional information like nutritional value, deals and offers
  • Great space for decision making

Blisslogix – Augmented Reality Branding Solutions!

With great expertise in Enterprise Mobility solutions, Blisslogix can help you implement the AR in various sectors right from Education, Retail Sales, Product promotion, Brand Value addition and Demos to interactive Virtual guides. Virtual Reality is hailed as the platform of tomorrow and Augmented Reality is a great stride in this direction. Blisslogix



  • Blisslogix has delivered our mobile app developments needs on time and on budget every time. These days our clients demand high quality solutions with competitive cost. Blisslogix has never failed us and our clients in the projects we have worked with.

    We are happy with the response/knowledge of the team at Blisslogix and recommend them to every one who needs to develop mobile apps and other IT solutions.

    Vadi, TextStation Design, Malaysia
  • We have created a very professional impression and it looks like we have a product program that can compete in the US market, which is the most competitive market in the world.Everybody who has been involved in the project can be very proud of what they have accomplished and can be proud of having contributed to this project. This will get a lot of visibility worldwide over the next few years.A grateful thanks to everybody who has contributed.It remains now to make the product ready for production and shipping.

    Srini Nageswar, DYANSYS INC
  • “I found the Blisslogix team, competent, quick, and responsive. They also gave feedback when the intended solution was not possible, and made a workaround possible. They understood the timelines, and the necessity to get the app out. I won't hesitate to use them again.”

    Sugar The Agency

Our Specialization

UX / UI – 6 years
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Web development – 6 years
Enterprise Mobility – 5 years
Web & Mobile QA – 5 years
Mobile Games – 4 years
Sharepoint – 4 years

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