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Since 2008, Blisslogix has been a leading provider of Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Services with 100 + dedicated team. Blisslogix offers powerful, flexible and cost-effective Web, Mobility and Productivity solutions that help you become a mobile-ready enterprise. We enable you to conduct business from anywhere, on any device while still meeting security and compliance mandates and in turn enrich business with new innovative services. Our solutions are customizable to accommodate changes and deliver updates.

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Our Specialization

Enterprise Mobility – 6 years
Custom Mobile Development – 6 years
Web development – 8 years
UX / UI – 8 years
Web & Mobile QA – 8 years
IoT & Wearables – 2 years
Analytics – 4 years


  • Blisslogix has delivered our mobile app developments needs on time and on budget every time. These days our clients demand high quality solutions with competitive cost. Blisslogix has never failed us and our clients in the projects we have worked with.

    We are happy with the response/knowledge of the team at Blisslogix and recommend them to every one who needs to develop mobile apps and other IT solutions.

    Vadi, TextStation Design, Malaysia
  • We have created a very professional impression and it looks like we have a product program that can compete in the US market, which is the most competitive market in the world.Everybody who has been involved in the project can be very proud of what they have accomplished and can be proud of having contributed to this project. This will get a lot of visibility worldwide over the next few years.A grateful thanks to everybody who has contributed.It remains now to make the product ready for production and shipping.

    Srini Nageswar, DYANSYS INC
  • “I found the Blisslogix team, competent, quick, and responsive. They also gave feedback when the intended solution was not possible, and made a workaround possible. They understood the timelines, and the necessity to get the app out. I won't hesitate to use them again.”

    Sugar The Agency

ERP Enterprise Mobility Solutions

“Any Data, Any ERP – customized for Mobile Enterprise”

Integrated with SAP Modules, Oracle EBusiness Suite, Sharepoint,, GPS Enabled, Offline/Online Sync, Digital Signature, Wireless Printing, Upload Photo Proofs, World Class UX, Easily Pluggable, Customer preferred MEAP’s and mBASS

Advantage of our ERP Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Avoid manual entry, counting automation, accurate data collection, data loss prevention, no paperwork

Our solutions used for
  • Trucks Routing And Scheduling
  • Mobile Catalog for Sales Person
  • Leads on the go
  • Enterprise Asset Management Workorder Management and Maintenance
  • HCM Time Sheet Management
  • Data Collecting
  • Quality Inspecting
  • Meter Counter Readings
Our Solutions used in
  • Industries / Plants
  • Small and Large Warehouses
  • Inventory Stores
  • Outdoor Fields
Health Care Mobility

Healthcare ecosystem is catching up with mobility as any other system and is transforming like never before by being provided with critical….

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MBaaS Solutions

If you are looking at developing a mobile app but are at a disadvantage because of lack of infrastructure and skills here is the solution for you….

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EAM Work Order Management solutions

Work Order Management has been designed to drive increased profitability by efficient utilisation of assets….

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HCM Mobility

As mobile workforce in organizations are expanding, managing Human Capital is becoming more and more of a challenge Human Resource….

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The logistics industry continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Fleet management is the key task in any logistics business.This was proving….

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Augmented Reality Branding Solutions

In today’s digital world, marketing strategy is greatly influenced by innovation. Traditional marketing techniques….

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Mobile Point of Sale System

The Point-of-Sale is the point where any retail transaction is completed. Over time, the Point-of Sale has evolved from being a cash box….

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Mcommerce & Ecommerce

Online shopping is the trend of the day because internet connectivity has become accessible to the common man! E-commerce….

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Our services & skills

The rapid increase in the number of mobile devices (Smart Phones) being used by employees and customers provides the scope for growth in the market for Enterprise Mobility Services equally in India and the world over. Enterprises are looking for cost-effective Mobility and Productivity solutions to boost their productivity by providing connectivity to all their employees and customers thus in turn increasing their work flow and growth. This huge need drives us to provide for and meet the market demand and thus specialise in Enterprise Mobility Services.

At Blisslogix, we have been working with well established organizations across the globe providing outstanding services to our clients. We take pride in saying that we are one of the first innovators in Enterprise Mobility Services. Opportunity for Mobility Services is vast and is bound to increase further in the Enterprise world.

We are known to match our customers’ needs perfectly with our flexible and outcome driven development process. We have ready to choose from variety of options to build Mobile Enterprise Solutions and Go-To-Market Strategy at Low Entry Costs.

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Effective resource planning is indispensable for High Return on investment and enhanced Customer Service experience. Real time business decision making helps reduce process cycle time and for this, increased and improved data flow is a must.

Supporting the workflows of employees including mobile employees such as field workers, warehouse staff, service engineers, sales representatives and delivery drivers on a daily basis is an important business challenge. This challenge can be addressed by mobilizing the entire workforce regardless of distance, location, data transaction requirement, device type or connectivity by leveraging the existing Oracle Ebusiness Suite modules like Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Care Billing (CCB), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) accelerates sales, service and delivery.

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SAP Mobile Platform
SAP Mobile Architecture Consulting

Blisslogix provides mobile strategy and architecture consulting services on SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) and Afaria. We define an enterprise mobile roadmap for customers after study and analysis of various factors like past, present and future needs technical landscape and budgetary constraints. We develop solution, security and implementation architecture that is aligned to the organisation’s mobile needs and strategy.

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The present generation is a population hungry for apps wanting to be constantly-connected across multiple devices. Thus arises the need for enterprises to offer a single app with multiple device optimised experiences. This would mean giving consistent app experience across the multitude of devices whether it be a smartphone or a desktop or a tablet at the click of a button.

One of the ideal platform to provide such a multi-channel strategy at no extra development cost or effort is Kony. With Kony, enterprises are empowered to take control of their digital strategy. Organizations have to simplify and streamline app design, development and deployment to satisfy the ever growing expectations of users. Kony offers you such a solution.

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Mobility has become the lifeline of Enterprises. As enterprises are more and more opting for mobile Workforce and logistics automation, poor network connectivity is playing spoilsport. Thus arises the need to go in for offline GIS map Integration.

In Enterprise Asset Management involving field workers, service workers and delivery men, work schedules are linked to geographic information. Also, they require the company’s asset data in the field. Companies need solutions that can enable their mobile staff to access GIS data both online and offline.

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People are keen about working on devices of their choice. This trend is well set in the enterprise. And it is bound to drive continuous transformation of enterprises in the coming days.

By executing a Bring-Your-Own-Device program, businesses allow employees access to corporate resources from anywhere, increasing productivity and driving employee satisfaction. Security can be a critical issue when employee-owned devices and supporting multiple mobile platforms come into play.

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There is a boost in the reliance of both Public and Private sector enterprises on their applications. Applications enable such organisations to deliver customer support and ultimately attain high performance. Evolving business and technology challenges are addressed by developing custom-made applications based on business requirements.

Applications should be of high quality, easy to deploy and maintain, reliable, flexible, secure, and scalable for enhancements and integration. In today’s 24/7 business scenario, failure and unexpected downtime of applications will lower customer satisfaction and in turn affect business. Application maintenance services should ensure a high level of application performance and critical levels of service

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Programming languages, software libraries, protocols and hardware platforms are being outdated at an astounding rate and newer versions are constantly being launched in the market. Thus the need to convert, rewrite and port legacy systems and applications to the modern platforms to prevent them from becoming obsolete. Legacy Migration helps to retain and extend the value of the legacy investment through migration to new platforms. But enterprises are often wary of switching to newer technologies considering the huge investments already made in terms of cost and time to set up the systems. Legacy migration could be a very large, multiyear project.

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SharePoint Solutions vary from basic configuration (WSS or SharePoint Online) and deployment of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), to developing enterprise-wide portal which integrates with a number of disparate packaged and custom applications. Leveraging SharePoint solutions makes it easier for people to work together.

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At Blisslogix, we provides expert database management services for Oracle, Oracle E-Business Suite, SQL Server, database environments with an unmatched level of service, support and affordability.

Our Oracle Database experts have extensive experience in Oracle database installation, RAC and Dataguard, migration and disaster recovery. Our DBA team has vast experience with all versions of Oracle databases on various operating systems. We support with solutions for Oracle Apps specific issues and do Patching and cloning. We provide Remote Oracle Support and Oracle DBA Consultation to address your specific database needs.

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Men, Man-hours and Money are the vital resources of any enterprise. Effective and Efficient performance and utility of these resources will generate high Return on Investment and great Customer Delight. Automation of the Workforce adds value to business services.

With the onset of exponential developments in communication, networking and connectivity, enterprises are going in for Mobile Workforce Automation that is set to drive the achievement of ultimate resource utilization. Any Workforce management involves integrated Planning, Assigning, Scheduling, Executing, Monitoring, Evaluating and Rewarding. Automation of these processes, reduce operating costs while speeding up operations and improving customer satisfaction. MWAS is is a must for any asset-intensive industry with field operations teams.

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Enterprises are constantly faced with fluctuating skill needs and gaps and changing staff needs that affect timelines. It is always a challenge to retain and train IT application talents and there is a constant struggle to have skills when and where they are needed.One of the main challenges faced by organizations worldwide is resourcing skilled IT professionals who can deliver quality application development. Some organisations opt for outsourcing their entire application development environment to third-parties. But many others are ready to augment their in-house skills with external IT talent.

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To deliver interactive, diverse, rich, consumable information to the employees, managers, analysts,partners, and customers it is imperative to highlight, extract and analyze business data like salesrevenue and income. This can be achieved by integration of plans, methods, tools, systems and applications across an enterprise.

Enterprise Application Integration with Business Intelligence involves developing a new perspective to an enterprise’s business and applications, exploring how existing applications can fit into the new model and then coming up with efficient methods to integrate the existing and new applications and data. Any enterprise wants to use existing legacy applications and databases and at the same time adopt new set of applications that exploit the Internet, e-commerce, and other new technologies.

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